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Sustainable Agriculture
Our food systems are putting an impossible strain on the planet.
The current unsustainable food consumption and production constitutes a primary cause of biodiversity loss, land use change, depletion of natural resources and climate change.  

As a major actor in the global scene, Europe has a key role to play in the transition towards resilient, equitable and sustainable agri-food systems. Major shifts are needed to reduce the impact of food consumption and waste in Europe, as well as of our production systems, including their external footprint.

"We can no longer accept a flat-rate CAP: farmers committing to higher environmental standards on issues such as carbon sequestration or biodiversity should be better rewarded than the rest"

Jabier Ruiz
Senior Policy Officer, Agriculture and Food

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What WWF is doing
WWF believes that European policies can be instrumental in the transition to truly sustainable food and farming systems. Currently, our focus is on the EU's Farm to Fork Strategy, the European Green Deal's flagship initiative for sustainable food systems, and on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), one of the EU’s oldest, most influential, most debated and most costly policies.

WWF is campaigning to achieve a CAP that benefits farmers and rural communities, and produces a variety of healthy and nutritious food for people, while protecting our finite natural resources in Europe and globally. A CAP that must become a main instrument to deliver on the objectives of the Farm to Fork Strategy and the overall European Green Deal, supporting the transition to agroecology. 

We are also advocating and campaigning at European and national levels with partner offices and organisations on the Farm to Fork Strategy. We want to increase political and public awareness and engagement for a systemic change in our food systems, from sustainable farming and fisheries to healthier diets, from food waste to climate change mitigation.


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Agriculture & Sustainable Food
Policy Officer

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Senior Communications Officer,
Deforestation & Food
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Sustainable Food Project Officer