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Why we campaign
The scientific evidence is clear: natural systems are degrading at an alarming rate. And we need to act now.
All of us have the responsibility to reverse nature loss. Time is not on our side and business as usual is not an option: we have to speak up for our Planet.

As European citizens, we need to involve ourselves in the decisions that affect us and our nature. This is about securing the future of Europe’s amazing biodiversity and also that of our own.

Our daily choices matter but we also need to raise our voices, holding our governments to account. Politicians are nominated to represent and protect people’s interest, and they react to what people care about. Public mobilisation is therefore vital to achieve real political change.

Campaigning is key for achieving significant impact and results. EU Member States have the tools to effectively bring change but sometimes we need to remind our leaders that there is not much time left. WWF believes we need to make clear to politicians what type of Europe citizens want and turn this ideal into reality through concerted action.

WWF EU is a leader in civil-society led campaigns and in building networks and coalitions. We create movements representing millions of European citizens, connecting all people fighting to stop the degradation of Europe’s nature and provide solutions for people and planet. Through the WWF network, we can reach hundreds of thousands of people through petitions, public stunts and e-actions that have a powerful impact on key political decisions.

Join us and help us spread the word. Don't hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in joining forces for Our Planet. 

"Actions speak louder than words:
we believe in the power of campaigning as past evidence has shown us the power of change."

Liesbeth Van den Bossche, EU Campaigner
European Policy Office 
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​Liesbeth Van den Bossche,
EU Campaigner
European Policy Office


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Liesbeth Van den Bossche
EU Campaign Manager 
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Alejandra Morales
Senior Communications Officer/
Interim EU Elections Campaigner
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Doris Wu
Communications & Campaigns Assistant
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