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2024 EU Elections
2024 EU Elections
Putting people and nature at the heart of our politics

European communities have been hit hard by the consequences of extreme weather, like the wildfires that wreaked havoc this past summer. In addition to the climate crisis, various environmental challenges such as biodiversity loss and EU’s fossil fuel reliance are negatively impacting our everyday lives.

As the 2024 European elections are right around the corner, we all have the opportunity to act for the benefit of our planet - and our future!

The European Union is actually responsible for a large majority of the legislation that has a direct impact on the environment. Therefore, the direction we choose next June will determine whether we continue pouring fuel on the fire and barrel towards a climate and nature catastrophe or whether we galvanise a move towards a sustainable future; with healthy ecosystems, effective measures against climate change, and support for low-income households as we adopt eco-friendly measures.

It's not just about legislation; it's about shaping a path where public tax money is spent in a way that protects our planet and our health rather than working against it. 

With the 2024 EU elections campaign, WWF aims to shed light on this pivotal moment and unravel complexities - empowering you with the knowledge to make a difference.

Are you ready to take action?

Learn more about the challenges that lie ahead and the solutions the EU can implement.