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The climate emergency, the war in Ukraine, and the skyrocketing gas price make it clear that we must urgently shift to sources of energy which are clean, cheap, plentiful, and local.

But billions of euros are at risk of being diverted from wind, solar, and other green technologies to fossil fuels and nuclear energy, worsening the climate crisis, harming our environment, and risking further energy bill rises. This is because the EU is about to sign off on a list of ‘sustainable’ investments which has been greenwashed by lobbyists for the fossil fuel and nuclear industry.

It would give gas and nuclear a ‘green’ label, despite the high emissions from fossil gas and the radioactive waste produced by nuclear power! 

The European Parliament will vote on this greenwashed list, known as the ‘Taxonomy’, in a few weeks.

Want to learn more? Discover 10 ways the Commission is greenwashing gas and nuclear in the EU Taxonomy

We need your help to stop this from happening!

We need at least 353 Members of Parliament (MEPs) to vote against this proposal to make a majority. If we fail, fossil gas and nuclear energy will be officially labelled as green by the EU, opening the door to massive investments in them at the expense of renewables. 

We must convince 353 MEPs to vote NO to the greenwashed taxonomy list.

How? Your MEP listens to you! Tell them now to say NO to greenwashing and to funding the climate crisis.

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