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This is a climate emergency

We are facing a climate emergency. We must act. 

In 2015 the EU signed the international Paris climate agreement. We committed to keeping global heating well below 2°C and pursuing efforts to keep it to 1.5° C.

The EU’s climate and energy targets are not enough.

EU leaders have agreed to a climate-neutral Europe - zero net greenhouse gas emissions - by 2050. WWF supports EU climate neutrality by 2040. We also need to increase the EU 2030 target from 40% to 65% emissions reductions, in line with climate science

climate law is now being discussed by the EU. This must contain the higher targets, and more

"Reaching net zero emissions by 2040 in the EU is essential if we are to uphold the Paris Agreement and limit devastating climate change.”

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Imke Lübbeke
Head of Climate and Energy
WWF European Policy Office

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What WWF is doing

WWF is advocating and campaigning for:


Imke Luebbeke
Head, EU Climate and Energy Policy

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Cleaning up industry: why the EU's strategy isn't enough yet

The new EU Industrial Strategy, released by the European Commission on 10 March 2020, is the first sector-specific plan to be published since the European Green Deal was announced.

However, the new Industrial Strategy fails to capture how and by when EU Industries will achieve a net zero greenhouse gas emissions or manufacture climate-neutral products. 

This analysis by WWF and Carbon Market Watch looks at what needs to be improved in the strategy.