National Climate Action
Climate and energy targets are agreed by Member States at EU level, but national climate action is key to meeting them.

Why it matters

Through their 10-year National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs), Member States set out a roadmap on how they want to contribute to the EU's binding targets to ensure energy security, promote energy efficiency, develop renewable energy and take the path to climate-neutrality.

These NECPs are complemented by 30-year national long-term strategies (LTSs) which should contribute to the EU reaching climate neutrality by 2040 and helping hold the increase in the global average temperature to 1.5°C. 

Together, NECPs and long-term strategies are key planning tools for national climate action, set by the EU climate and energy Governance Regulation. Thanks to them, the EU is able to monitor the progress made at Union level towards ensuring a climate neutral EU, which is binding in the EU climate law adopted in 2021.  

What WWF is doing

WWF works in Brussels and through its National Offices to ensure robust national climate action and is calling for:
  • Adequate EU-level targets, including a 65 % cut in gross emissions by 2030 and EU-wide climate neutrality (zero net emissions) by 2040
  • All Member States to set a national climate neutrality target.
  • Member States to involve their citizens to ensure good public participation in the drafting of the NECPs and LTSs in every Member State.
  • A transparent and rigorous assessment of progress and of whether EU and national measures are consistent with climate goals


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Policy Officer, Climate Governance
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Communications Officer
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Net zero EU map

Only some countries have a net zero climate target as of February 2022. WWF is calling for the EU ... 
© Romain Laugier and Florian Cassier

Only some countries have a net zero climate target as of October 2023. WWF is calling for the EU to require such national targets. See full map and table.

© Dagmar Cohnen

Making the NECPs fit for the climate emergency

In their National Energy and Climate Plans, EU Member States are required to describe various national climate and energy targets for 2030 – as well as the policies and measures to achieve them and the funding to back them up.

But the current NECPs are clearly unfit for purpose and need to be stronger, more comprehensive, and built on robust data and participative processes. For this reason WWF published a checklist to ensure the NECPs are fit for purpose.

Read the full checklist