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We did it!
EU reaches deal on a strong deforestation law - a world first!

For years, deforestation has been creeping into our home. Our fridge. Our lunch. Our coffee and the paper cups it comes in. 
But this is about to end, as the EU institutions have reached a historic deal on a new law that will keep products linked to deforestation off the EU market!
This regulation is the first in the world to tackle global deforestation and will significantly reduce the EU’s footprint on nature.
It is also a significant win of WWF’s global #Together4Forests campaign, which has brought together more than 210 NGOs to fight for a strong EU law against deforestation over the last two years.

Thank you for standing #Together4Forests!

Since 2020, through the #Together4Forests campaign led by WWF, 1.2 million citizens, scientists and companies have been asking for a law which ensures that only nature destruction-free products end up on the EU market.

#Together4Forests has been a true team effort, and the campaign has demonstrated what we can achieve when we join forces and rally behind the protection of the world's forests. Thank you for your support!​


Liesbeth Van den Bossche
EU Campaign Manager 
+32 477 81 10 20

Alejandra Morales
Senior Communications Officer/
Interim EU Elections Campaigner
+32 488 84 98 05

Anke Schulmeister - Oldenhove
Senior Forest Policy Officer
+32 485 84 31 44

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