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For years, deforestation has been creeping into our home. Our fridge. Our lunch. Our coffee and the paper cups it comes in. 

It slipped by well intended declarations to stop deforestation and the degradation of forests. So much so that, with every shopping run we’re still unwittingly wiping out vital ecosystems such as the Cerrado, Pantanal and Amazon, endangering both wildlife and local communities.

And now deforestation might find room to hide even inside the law aiming to stop it: the new EU Deforestation law.

It’s time we put an end to this. It’s time for the European Parliament to deliver the ambitious law demanded by 1.2 million people  and almost 200 NGOs. 

And here is how you can make a difference. To cut our contribution to nature destruction and human rights violations, it is crucial that you ask MEPs to support a strong EU Deforestation law

Send them a letter and, to make your message stand out, add a personal touch: choose or edit your own meme


Alejandra Morales
EU Campaigner
+32 488 84 98 05

​Liesbeth Van den Bossche
EU Campaign Manager
(on maternity leave until October 2022)
+32 477 81 10 20

Anke Schulmeister - Oldenhove
Senior Forest Policy Officer
+32 485 84 31 44

Adriana Trocea
Communications Officer, Deforestation
+40 7282 78 737

Raquel Sancho Rovira
Campaign Officer

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