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Did you know that an area of forest the size of a football pitch is destroyed every two seconds? While you crack an egg for breakfast or take a bite of a chocolate-chip cookie that forest is gone. And your meal is what caused it. The cookies you love may contain unsustainable palm oil or cocoa cultivated on land snatched from indigenous peoples and local communities. Your local milk could come from cows fed on soy from land once covered in spectacular forests or wild savannahs.

How did you get tangled up in this mess? How did the EU?

Food on European supermarket shelves is produced at the cost of forests, grasslands and savannahs around the world, from the Amazon to the Asian rainforests. But the responsibility for the world’s forests should not lie on our shoulders!

Currently, there is no law to ensure that only nature destruction-free products enter the EU, but we want to change that!  

So whether you want to fight climate change, care deeply about exotic wildlife in Latin America or just can’t imagine your day without sustainable coffee and chocolate, a strong EU deforestation law is the answer.

Join 1.2 million people, WWF and other 200 NGOs which are standing #Together4Forests and act now! Urge your decision makers to support a strong EU Deforestation law!

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About the artist

Carlos Alberto GH is a Mexican street artist, originally from Guadalajara. He paints big scale and surrealistic bright colors scenes, featuring nature, animals and people. He tricks the eye with 3D effects to make the scenes look like they are coming out or are deeper into the wall. Carlos is one of the most talented 3-D artist in the world. His anamorphic work can be seen in Mexico, but also in the United States and across Europe, where he transforms the real world of urban areas into actual magical worlds.

Follow him on Facebook, Twitter: @GHCarlosalberto / Instagram: @carlosalberto_gh

About the curator and producer

Street Art for Mankind (SAM) is a non-profit organization working with prominent street artists to create large murals all around the world. Its goal is to raise awareness on social justice and environmental issues, and to give the public the means to become actors of change. SAM is mostly known for its mural series with the United Nations and collaborates here for the first time with WWF. 

Follow SAM on Instagram, Facebook: @streetartmankind / Twitter: @samexhibition 

© WWF/ Street Art for Mankind


Mural address

182 chaussée d'Etterbeek
1040 Brussels