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Forests are a vital source of oxygen.
They provide homes for wildlife and livelihoods for about 1.6 billion people.
Fires, clear-cutting, illegal and unsustainable logging and deforestation are putting forests and other vital ecosystems like grasslands and peatlands at risk.

This devastation of nature is happening fast - and it is directly connected to the meat, dairy, palm oil, coffee and chocolate we eat in Europe. From the Amazon to the Asian rainforests, the EU is responsible for more than 10% of global forest destruction.

You can help! WWF, along with 100+ NGOs have launched the #Together4Forests campaign with a petition that will allow you to quickly and easily participate in a public consultation on EU action to tackle the EU's forest destruction footprint. By taking part you are directly asking the European Commission for a new, strong law to protect forests and nature around the world, as well as the human rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities who depend on forests.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to ask for a strong EU law to stop products and investments linked to deforestation and ecosystem devastation from reaching our shop shelves. We want our products to be sustainable and not harmful to our planet and people.

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'Deforestation and forest degradation are happening at breakneck speed. It's clear that the EU needs to radically rethink the way it consumes.'

Anke Schulmeister
Senior Forest Policy Officer 

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What WWF is doing

To further the EU’s policy agenda on illegal logging, deforestation and forest degradation, we work on two important policy areas:
Illegal and unsustainable logging: WWF works to ensure that all wood products on the EU market are legally sourced. To achieve this we are working to make sure that both the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) and the EU Action Plan on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) are properly implemented and enforced.
Addressing the EU’s role in global deforestation and ecosystem destruction: WWF is advocating for strong EU action on deforestation and forest degradation but also on ecosystem conversion and degradation, including a new law. Other measures also include strengthening cooperation with other countries producing and consuming commodities to address the underlying drivers of nature destruction and human rights violations.


Anke Schulmeister - Oldenhove
Senior Forest Policy Officer
+32 485 84 31 44

Sophie Bauer
Senior Communications Officer, Deforestation
+32 471 05 25 11

Liesbeth Van den Bossche
EU Campaigner
+32 477 81 10 20

Raquel Sancho Rovira
Campaign Assistant

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