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Earth Hour 2022

Thank you for taking part!


This year’s Earth Hour took place at a challenging time. WWF is appalled by the escalating war and our hearts and thoughts are with everyone who is affected by this armed conflict, especially the people of Ukraine who are suffering and all those in the impacted regions. 

Earth Hour was founded to unite the world in support of people and the planet. Our vision has always been to create positive environmental impacts through the power of the crowd. In these challenging times, Earth Hour 2022 offered another moment for solidarity, and the opportunity to come together, look after each other and the one home we all share.

Nature is indispensable to building a safer, more resilient and sustainable world for all – one where everyone thrives and lives in harmony with each other. This year, as the EU prepares to adopt a new law that could become a real game-changer against the biodiversity and climate crises, we encouraged you to find solace in nature and embrace it for the best it has to offer.

The European Commission may have delayed the nature restoration law but the fight is not over. Join the #Move4Nature challenge and show that we need an ambitious restoration law - NOW!


Earth Hour in numbers