The Fair Way Forward: Opportunities for all through an EU Just Transition

Posted on March, 01 2024

The transition to a low-carbon economy in the EU requires change at an unprecedented pace. The imperative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to ensure a liveable future translates into changes that involve citizens collectively and individually – the switch to clean energy, home improvement for energy efficiency, an evolution in mobility, and new patterns of production and consumption.
While most citizens will find new opportunities in the clean economy and all will ultimately benefit from improved well-being in a secure and sustainable society, significant segments of the population risk being disadvantaged during the transition, and will have genuine concerns about the nearer-term prospects for themselves and their families.  Ensuring a just transition is therefore critical.

This publication examines the elements already in place to support a just transition in the EU, and presents recommendations for the strengthened just transition policy framework which is required to ensure a wide-reaching and inclusive transition for the EU’s low-carbon and sustainable economy.
The Fair Way Forward: Opportunities for all through a Just Transition
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