© Tomas Hulik / WWF

Did you know?

Brown bear, Slovakia
There are 17,000 brown bears in Europe
Even though they are protected, brown bears are still pursued due to their size, valuable furs and meat.

Brown bear, Europe rel= © Tomas Hulik / WWF

Female bears can carry babies from different fathers
Scientists think this may be a way for females to protect their young ones from males which can be aggressive towards cubs.

Brown bear (<i>Ursus arctos</i>) female embracing and taking care of one of her cubs. rel= © Sanchez & Lope / WWF

Small bears are curious
Mother bear needs to keep an eye on them so they don't get lost in the forest, and she does not hesitate to spank or slap them if they get out of control. It’s not always easy to be a bear!

Brown bear, Europe rel= © Tomas Hulik / WWF

Adult bears can't climb
Brown bears can climb trees to eat or escape predators, especially when they are cubs! As they grow up, they become too heavy and lose from the ability to climb trees.

Brown bear rel= © Tomas Hulik / WWF

Bears like their berries
As non-vegetarians bears sure love their fruits! Up to 80% of their diet is made of herbs, fruits and berries.

Eurasian brown bears, Suomussalmi, Finland rel= © Wild Wonders of Europe /Staffan Widstrand / WWF