NGOs call on European Commission to not backtrack on sustainable food systems

Posted on October, 25 2023

The European Food Policy Coalition urges the Commission to present the promised and much needed Sustainable Food Systems Law during this mandate.
The European Food Policy Coalition has published an open letter to Ursula von der Leyen, criticising that the Framework for Sustainable Food Systems (FSFS), a key EU Green Deal file, is missing from the European Commission's 2024 work programme, and demanding her to still deliver the FSFS this term.

Scientists and academics agree that the EU cannot reach its sustainability goals without transforming its food systems. However, a Sustainable Food Systems Law was not part of the EC’s work programme presented in October 2023.

A transition to more sustainable, healthier and affordable diets was not only promised to EU citizens, it is also critical to combatting climate change.

The letter also outlines the signatories’ priorities that need to be met for the announced ‘strategic dialogue on the future of agriculture’ to be fruitful.
Existing government policies are having a detrimental impact on the price of sustainable and healthy food
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