WWF’s EU elections check

Posted on March, 20 2024

A recent WWF survey shows where EU political parties stand on critical climate and environmental issues affecting EU citizens.
The European elections between 6-9 June will determine the future of Europeans. Over the next five years, policymakers must implement robust, science-based measures to tackle climate and the biodiversity crises and make our society and economy more resilient. It is also essential that this much needed shift doesn't unfairly impact smaller businesses and vulnerable communities.

But where do policymakers actually stand on these critical issues? To help you answer this question, and make an informed choice as you head to the polls, we have created the WWF’s EU elections check.

WWF reached out to all parties, presenting our recommendations for a sustainable future in Europe. We posed direct questions about their climate and environmental plans, encouraging them to take a moment to reflect and make clear commitments. After comparing their responses to our recommendations, we are now unveiling their answers alongside a comprehensive analysis.

Our EU elections check covers topics that matter most citizens, like combating climate change, protecting the ocean and forests, securing access to sustainable food and ensuring no one gets left behind in the sustainable transition. We sent the questions to all parties and received answers from six of them.

Despite multiple attempts at contact, three parties, EPP, ECR and ID, never replied to our emails, while the ECPM explicitly declined to participate. We conducted an analysis of the EPP’s position based on their published manifesto and recent position papers, but unfortunately we could not include ECR and ID in our report at all since they haven’t shared a manifesto.

The EU elections check aims to empower you in making an informed decision when you cast your vote next June.
The EU elections will determine the future of almost 450 million citizens.
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