WWF position paper on reform of the EU LULUCF Regulation

Posted on 09 July 2021

EU rules say the carbon emitted by the land use, land use change and and forestry (‘LULUCF’) sectors must be balanced by the same amount removed from the atmosphere.
But this is not enough: 
  • The EU should aim to increase net removals to 600 Mt CO 2 -eq per year, to be met through the rapid expansion of nature restoration and sustainable agricultural and forestry practices that are a win-win for the climate and biodiversity. 
  • The accounting rules for the various different land use categories covered by the LULUCF Regulation must be changed. Right now, these ‘bake-in’ historical levels of emissions and/or harvesting and do not accurately reflect the emissions and removals that are ‘seen’ by the atmosphere. 
  • There should also be clear separation between emissions and removals in the land use sector and emissions in other sectors: net removals in the land use sector are hard to measure and not necessarily stable, so should not be treated as tonne-for-tonne equivalent to fossil fuel emissions, or used to offset and hence delay climate action elsewhere.
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