We all hang on forests!

Posted on September, 07 2022

Young artists against deforestation: the future generation’s message for MEPs

Where we barely see the trees, children see beyond forests. And they are here to remind us what we once knew. To tell us about enchanted woodlands where their bedtime stories take place, about the wild savannahs their favourite animals call home, and the joy of discovery as they learn to explore new paths on hilltops and through valleys with tall grasses. Forests are not only crucial for our survival, but also a key reference for our children. 


And they are aware of the destruction. They realise how the woodlands that surround them are slowly being reduced to ashes. And they don't intend to just sit and watch.


Since 2020, 1.2 million people across the EU, scientists and business people have been standing #Together4Forests. This summer, they are joined by children across Europe.


In the following pages you are going to find their present fears, as well as their dreams and hopes for the future. A future with forests and nature destruction-free chocolate cookies, with free wildlife and happy indigenous kids.


The young forest defenders’ message could not be clearer: we know the world’s forests are disappearing and we need you to help protect them. Our future and our dreams depend on you!

© Seppo Leinonen
© Seppo Leinonen
© Seppo Leinonen