Position Paper REPowerEU: ‘Go-to Areas’ for Renewables, Making the Puzzle Fit

Posted on September, 12 2022

To tackle the climate crisis and boost EU energy independence we need a massive expansion in renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar. The Commission’s ‘REPowerEU’ proposals to amend the EU Renewable Energy Directive (RED) are therefore timely, and contain potentially useful additions, notably an increase in the 2030 renewable energy target.
The idea of designating ‘go-to areas’ for renewable energy deployment and setting tighter permitting deadlines could also be helpful, provided that these areas are based on wildlife sensitivity mapping and reliable spatial planning and provided that there are no ‘go-to areas’ for biomass or hydropower.

However, the Commission’s proposals to weaken certain environmental rules are unacceptable and must be rejected. They could lead to damaging projects going ahead, would set a dangerous precedent for other sectors and, by creating legal uncertainty and public opposition, could slow renewable energy deployment down rather than speed it up.

In this paper WWF analyses the Commission’s proposal on the legislative proposal to amend the Renewable Energy Directive as part of ‘REPowerEU’ in more detail.
Windmills at sunset
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