286 organisations urge Commission President to stick to Sustainable Food System Law timeline

Posted on February, 13 2023

This framework law is our only chance to make EU food systems fairer, healthier and more sustainable.
Political resistance against sustainable food policies is threatening to derail the process for an EU Sustainable Food System Law. Against this backdrop, 286 civil society and trade union organisations have issued an open letter urging European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to ensure the Commission proposal is presented by September 2023, as planned.

“The fact that this letter has received such overwhelming support from all corners of Europe shows that people need this law. The way we produce and consume food is harming our health and degrading our environment to a level that we cannot afford - indeed, this is already now impacting Europe’s production capacity. We need to make our food systems more sustainable and we need to do it now,” said Giulia Riedo, Agriculture and Sustainable Food Policy Officer.

Currently, food systems are responsible for 34% of global CHG emissions and for the unhealthy diets behind the deaths of 1 in 5 Europeans

In 2021, the European Commission announced a flagship EU legislative framework for sustainable food systems for late 2023 as part of the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy, with the aim of integrating sustainability into existing and future food-related policies and setting a clear path for all the actors in the food value chain. 

However, recent developments have shown how some stakeholders and policy-makers are instrumentalising the current geopolitical context and scare-mongering about alleged risks to Europe’s food security to weaken the F2F strategy, which could hinder this framework law.

Alejandra Morales
Senior Communications Officer, Deforestation and Food
+32 488 84 98 05
The new law has the potential to enable all citizens to access more equitable, healthy and environmentally friendly food by fostering food environments that nurture people’s health and protect the planet.
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