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Thank you for joining our challenge in support of an ambitious and timely EU law to restore nature.
We are only as healthy as the nature around us. But Europe's ecosystems are rapidly deteriorating and climate change is only making things worse.

Thanks to your support and despite immense pressure from vested interests, the European Commission unveiled a proposal for a new EU nature restoration law in June. Now it is up to the European Parliament and the EU Member States to adopt and implement the law.

Nature restoration can become a real game-changer and a win-win solution to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises. But for this to happen, it needs to be timely, credible and ambitious. We need the EU nature restoration law now.

The fight isn't over. In the coming months, we will be working with the Parliament and Council to ensure they adopt an ambitious law. Continue showing your support because it makes all the difference!



For more information:
Sabien Leemans
Senior Biodiversity Policy Officer
+32 486 80 04 37
Angelika Pullen
Communications Director
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