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Get moving for nature!
Join the virtual challenge and show that we need an ambitious EU nature restoration law now!
We are only as healthy as the nature around us. But Europe's ecosystems are rapidly deteriorating and climate change is only making things worse.

In March, the European Commission was expected to present a proposal for a new law that would set legally binding targets to restore nature across the EU. But under pressure from vested interests, the law has now been delayed to 22 June.

Nature restoration can become a real game-changer and a win-win solution to tackle the climate and biodiversity crises. But for this to happen, it needs to be timely, credible and ambitious. We need the EU nature restoration law now!

How to join

Moving in nature is great for our health and wellbeing. However, we need healthy nature for that. Because so much has been destroyed already, we need to move fast to bring nature back and restore crucial ecosystems. You can make a mark and show your support for nature restoration by moving yourself.

Whether it’s on foot or on wheels, in the mountains, local forest or by your favourite lake, each time you go out in nature, submit how many kilometres you have covered. Take a selfie or record a short video outdoors and share them on social media with a message of why nature matters to you and why we need to bring it back. Make sure to include the #Move4Nature and #RestoreNature hashtags, so we can feature and promote your messages.

Fill out the form each time you move for nature between now and June. Together, let us show that the upcoming nature restoration law cannot become a missed opportunity. Because restoring and protecting nature is about securing a safer future for all of us.

Help us reach as many kilometres as possible and we will deliver the total distance to the European Commission in June as a symbol of public support for nature restoration and to show that we cannot delay the restoration law any longer!

So, what are you waiting for? Get moving for nature!

  days left!

Submit your kilometres each time you go out in nature. The more you add, the farther we get!


For more information:
Sabien Leemans
Senior Biodiversity Policy Officer
+32 486 80 04 37
Bartosz Brzezinski
Senior Communications Officer for Biodiversity
+32 484 28 15 10