Territorial Just Transition Plan Scorecard Assessment

Posted on 20 February 2023

This report highlights the key findings from an analysis of 13 Territorial Just Transition Plans developed by 8 EU Member States to access the EU Just Transition Fund. The analysis has been carried out using the WWF Territorial Just Transition Plan scorecard tool.
The findings should be useful for future analyses of the use of the EU Just Transition Fund, and will help to inform WWF’s response to future cohesion policy proposals and the evolution of cohesion policy and just transition support.

Headline Findings

Overall, all TJTPs could be improved. No plan receives the highest (green) rating overall and most only cover some aspects of the just transition. They tend to focus on economic or technological investments and workforce skills, rather than improving quality of life and addressing existing inequalities. As a result, although they will likely accelerate the technological and economic transition in the regions covered while addressing some negative impacts of the transition to climate neutrality; most plans miss the opportunity to act as the roadmap to guide a complete social, environmental and economic transformation of the region to a fairer and more sustainable future.
Surface mine in Germany with windmills in the background
Surface mine in Germany with windmills in the background
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