The EU’s 2030 climate target: NGO views on the European Commission’s proposals

Posted on September, 29 2020

The Commission's proposal is inadequate and irresponsible.
We are in a race against time. Forests are burning, ice sheets are collapsing and the window for stopping runaway climate change is closing. If we are to avoid the collapse of human civilisation as we know it and the mass extinction of life on Earth then immediate action is needed.

The 50.5-52.8% real emission reductions the European Commission is proposing for 2030 is grossly inadequate and completely irresponsible.

In this paper, eight NGOs set out their views on the EU Commission's 2030 climate target proposal. 

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Global Climate Strike in London on Friday 15th March 2019.
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These NGOs are calling for the EU's climate target to be 65% emissions reductions by 2030, with a separate carbon removals from land use target
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