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Your pledge for nature and climate!

Nature needs you

As the biodiversity and climate crises become ever more pressing, immediate political actions are crucial if we are to bend the curve of biodiversity loss and limit climate change. Over the course of the year 2020, both a new EU Biodiversity Strategy and a global biodiversity framework to 2030 will be developed.

In 2020, we need EU politicians to be global leaders, by committing to ambitious and binding European biodiversity targets for 2030, and push for a robust biodiversity framework at international level - for the good of nature, climate and people. 

Politicians – the time to act is now! Make your pledge and be a true champion for nature.
The pledges

The biodiversity crisis and climate crisis are inextricably linked - we can't solve one without the other. Large-scale restoration of degraded habitats will not only bring Europe's nature back, but also contribute to limiting climate change. 

In the current EU Biodiversity Strategy the EU committed to restore 15% of degraded ecosystems. However, progress has been largely insufficient.  A restoration target that delivers must therefore set a concrete number of ha/km2 on land and at sea, and it must be legally binding. 

Nature is collapsing around us as we sleep walk towards a 6th mass extinction. The EU needs political leaders to take a stand, fight to save nature, and finally put our planet on the path to recovery.

The EU has world-leading nature and water laws but they are not always implemented and enforced. To finally save nature, the laws must be fully implemented and respected by all Member States.

Protected areas are a fundamental tool to save nature, but they are no good if this protection is only on paper. Protected areas need effective management plans and sufficient funding to truly conserve nature.